Knowledges can be specialized once the knowledge reaches 3. 5 and up can have two specializations.


Specialties: Color Theory, History, Impressionist Painting, Mathematics, Architecture, Psychology.


1 – You’re aware that 1066 isn’t an area code


2 – You can quote from the classics, identify major cultural movements, and expound on the difference between Ming and Moghul.


3 – You could get a paper published in a scholarly journal.


4 – Professor Emeritus


5 – Scholars who know of you acknowledge you as one of the foremost experts of your time


Specialties: Computer Languages, Database Administration, Internet, Hacking, Viruses, specific devices and programs, Online Gaming, Running Scams, Speed-Coding

1 – You can navigate touchscreen and traditional point-and-click GUI’s


2 – You know your way around various applications and the Internet


3 – You know what to do with a text command prompt


4 – You can make a very comfortable living as a consultant


5 – You have all the SDKs and comprehend data structures for a stunning variety of programming languages


Specialties: Appraisal, Electronics, Robotics and Mechs, Gun Smithing, Blacksmithing, Painting, Explosives, Incendiaries, Vehicles and Powersuits

1 – You’re pretty good with legos


2 – You’re starting to develop you’re own style


3 – You could start your own shop


4 – You wrote instruction manuals on your field of specialization


5 – Your craftsmanship and insight is virtually without peer


Specialties: Accounting, Appraisal, Corporations, Federal Bailouts, Fencing, Foreign Currencies, Laundering, Black Market


1 – You studied a few business textbooks


2 – You have some practical experience and can keep your books fairly neat


3 – You’d make a fine stockbroker


4 – Corporations follow your financial lead


5 – You could turn a $20 bill into a fortune


Specialties: Database Research, Discolorations, Forensics, Search, Shadowing


1 – You can parse a broad Web search for clues


2 – Police officer


3 – Private detective


4 – Federal agent


5 – Sherlock Holmes


This knowledge can only have one specialization

Specialties: Detectives, Judges, Lawyers, Police


1 – You’ve paid a traffic ticket and know whether to plead guilty, not guilty, or nolo contendere next time


2 – You’re either studying for or just passed the bar exam


3 – You can make a living of the practice, and probably do


4 – If you’re not partner yet, you will be soon


5 – You could find the loopholes in the Devil’s contracts


Specialties: Emergency Care, Organ Transplants, Pathology, Pharmaceuticals, Poison Treatments, Dissection, Hallucinogens, Poisoning, Sedation, Patching Up


1 – You know CPR


2 – you can cauterize a wound


3 – General practitioner


4 – You can perform transplants


5 – You could be respected by the city’s medical community as a pioneer


Specialties: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, Psychology of Robots. Mechanical Engineering, Organic Chemistry, Quantum Physics, Toxins, Dream Study


1 – You’ve read highschool textbooks


2 – You’re familiar with the major theories


3 – You could teach the basics


4 – You’re fully capable of advancing the knowledge in your field


5 – Your Nobel Prize is waiting for you


Specialties: Communications, Computers, Improvised Solutions, Industrial Espionage, Security, Hacking, Robotics,


1 – You can perform simple modifications or repairs


2 – You could make your living in assembly or repair


3 – You can design new technologies from a set of objective requirements


4 – For you, it’s not, “Can this be done?” but “How can this be done?”


5 – A visionary in the field; you shape how people interact with their world through devices.


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